whole-grain sub rolls with rosemary

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Whatever you call these – sub rolls – hoagiesheroes, grinders or po’boys – these can be yours in 4 hours – and much less if you’re not living with pint-sized distractions! Once you get it together, (which takes about 20 minutes), you only have another couple of hours of rising, rolling and rising again, before your kitchen smells like an Italian bakery.
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Fill ’em with a stack of deli meats & coleslaw, curry-laced egg salad with a handful of romaine, chicken salad with sliced grapes and celery – or go hot – a mess of meatballs, sloppy joes, spicy chili or add anything off the grill – bratwurst, fish, chicken, strip steak – or simply split and toast ’em, it’s homemade bread for goodness sake and it’s bloody addictive! So with these puppies on the sidelines, a meal is whatever you want to stuff ’em with.
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1. Get the water, yeast & sugar ready to come together to make some magic.
hoagies 2
2. There’s the magic.
hoagies 3
3. Measure the olive oil and set aside.
hoagies 4
4. Chop up the rosemary or whatever herb you like – and feel free to use half the amount of dried.
hoagies 6
5. Measure the flour onto a piece of waxed paper – much easier for getting in the mixer.
hoagies 5
6. Back to the magic.
hoagies 7
7. Get the dough hook in place and start mixing.
hoagies 8
8. Add the flours by the heaping spoonful allowing the dough to absorb each addition.
hoagies 9
9. Halfway, add the herbs and keep going with the flour additions.
hoagies 10
10. Check to see where you’re at from time to time.
hoagies 12
11. Keep going with the flour until the dough hook begins to struggle – you’ll still have flour left.
hoagies 13
12. Until it looks like this.
hoagies 14
13. Remove the dough to the table and start kneading  – it will become sticky so work in a little more flour. When the dough forms a soft ball, you may have a little flour left over – you’re not alone.
hoagies 15
14. Drizzle a little olive oil in a large bowl.
hoagies 16
15. Smear it all around to coat the bowl – use a piece of waxed paper (or your fingers) works great!
hoagies 17
16. Put the dough in the bowl turning it coat.
hoagies 18
17. And cover it with plastic wrap. Move to a warmish spot (no drafts) and leave it to double in size.
hoagies 19
18. Don’t you just love the power of yeast!
hoagies 22
19. Meanwhile, prep 2 baking pans with a quick dusting of cornmeal and set aside.
hoagies 20
19. Turn the dough out onto the table and form it into a uniform shape. You want to make 16 equal-sized pieces of dough to shape into rolls – you can either eyeball it (not so reliable) or weigh it (very reliable).
hoagies 21
20. If you don’t have a scale – GET ONE! I use mine every single day! Simply weigh the whole piece of dough and divide by 16 – in this case I have about 1380 grams of dough, so each piece needs to be in the 80-90 gram range to give me 16 rolls. I vaguely score the dough into 16 pieces, cut off a piece, drop it on the scale, add or subtract a little here or there, and you’ll end up with basically the same-sized rolls.
hoagies 23
21. Shape each piece into a log and place it on the baking pan.
hoagies 24
22. Keep going – you can see how the rolls are pretty much the same size.
hoagies 25
23. Fit then any way you want – 8 per pan.
hoagies 26
24. Cover the pan with plastic wrap and set aside to double in size. (At this point, preheat the oven to 400°).
hoagies 27
25. See? Lovely pillows of heaven!
hoagies 28
26. Really lovely pillows of heaven!
hoagies 30
27. Remove the plastic wrap before putting them in your hot oven – duh!
hoagie buns rocks
28. The secret to a crusty crust? A pan like this with rocks that get screamin’ hot. When you put your rolls in the oven to bake, you  quickly (and carefully) hit the hot rocks with a cup of water and shut the door straight away – and you got the steam you need to bring on the crust! It’s the steam that makes the magic!
hoagies feature 1
29. And you thought you were’nt a baker!
hoagies feature
30. Looovly, absoloootly looovly!!

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