spaghetti squash with garlic & parmesan

Spaghetti squash feature If you’re trying to cut down on carbs of the man-made variety, meet your new best friend – spaghetti squash. It cooks quickly, can double as a bowl and can be sauced up anyway you would pasta. And the best part is Mother Nature’s the manufacturer so perfect for any wheat or gluten issues. So if you thought you had to part with pasta, welcome back! And if you don’t believe me – check below for whack of inspiration to get you started! spaghetti squash 10 click here to jump down to the spaghetti squash with garlic & parmesan recipe spaghetti squash 1 1. Wash off your squash – you have no idea where it’s been! spaghetti squash 2 2. Give it a few stab wounds – carefully, we want the stab wounds on the squash, not the squasher! spaghetti squash 3 3. Put you’re injured squash in the microwave – if you didn’t stab it, it might explode. spaghetti squash 4 4. If it’s a medium-sized squash, set it for 7 minutes, twice. spaghetti squash 5 5. Let it cool slightly, so you can handle it, cut it in half lengthways and get ready to scoop. spaghetti squash 66. I find an ice-cream scoop works perfectly – it’s the right size and shape. Start at one end and simply drag it down the squash. spaghetti squash 7 7. And voilà – a perfectly scooped squash! spaghetti squash 88. Remove the seeds and repeat with the other half. spaghetti squash 99. Using a fork, pull the squash away from the peel and now you can see why spaghetti is part of the story. spaghetti squash 1010. Spaghetti, courtesy of Mother Nature! spaghetti squash 1111. Get the magic together – olive oil, garlic, salt & pepper – is all you’ll need to go from good to good God! Keep in mind, you can hit any vegetable with this famous quartet and it will be sensational every single time! spaghetti squash 1212. Work it all in. spaghetti squash 1313. Top it with parmesan cheese, a little paprika and/or cayenne and dig in. It comes with it’s own serving dish!

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