apple pie with a tortilla crust

apple tortilla pie/feature

Tortillas are for so much more than the obvious – so this is my attempt to get us all to look beyond the roll and the fold, as in burritos and quesadillas and start to think of tortillas as pre-rolled dough. It is dough-like by nature, so why not use it as such – kinda halfway to pastry. So why not line a pie pan with one or cut one into strips to make a lattice top?  So after a couple of runs at it – I lined the pan with tortillas, spread a little butter, piled in apples laced with butter, spices & raisins, sprinkled on some nuts – debated whether to make layers, opted not to, cut a couple of tortillas into strips, and made myself an ‘ole-fashioned lattice top right out of Green Acres!

apple tortilla pie/whole feature

So next time you feel like pie and you want to be diggin’ in within an hour – turn to tortillas to bring it all together. Come to think of it, you could also pile the apple mixture in and roll it up burrito-style – this is for when you’ve just gotta have pie! Looks like pie, acts like pie, tastes like pie – but won’t pack it on like pie – now that’s my kinda pie!

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apple tortilla pie 1

1. Butter a cast-iron skillet.

apple tortilla pie 2

2. Lay a tortilla in the skillet and depending on the size use another tortilla to make more of a crust.

apple tortilla pie 3

3. Melt butter for brushing on the tortillas now, and later.

apple tortilla pie 4

4. Just like this.


apple tortilla pie 5

5. Cut a tortilla in quarters to “extend” the crust.

apple tortilla pie 6

6. Just like this. And yes, brush more butter and set aside.

apple tortilla pie 7

7. Zest and juice a lemon into a large bowl.

apple tortilla pie 8

8. Gather the spices.

apple tortilla pie 10

9. Gather the nuts.

apple tortilla pie 9

10. Gather the raisins.

apple tortilla pie 12

11. Get going on the apples.

apple tortilla pie 13

12. Peel, quarter and cut into chunks.

apple tortilla pie 14

13. Add them to the bowl of lemon juice as you work, keeps them from oxidizing.

apple tortilla pie 15

14. Melt the butter in a skillet.

apple tortilla pie 16

15. Pile in the apples.

apple tortilla pie 18

16. Add the brown sugar.

apple tortilla pie 19

17. Then the raisins.

apple tortilla pie 20

18. Stir in the spices.

apple tortilla pie 21

19. And there’s your filling.

apple tortilla pie 22

20. Pile it into the tortilla shell.

apple tortilla pie 23

21. Sprinkle it with chopped walnuts.

apple tortilla pie 24

22. And a little sugar and cinnamon.

apple tortilla pie 25

23. There’s some money right there!

apple tortilla pie 26

24. Get a couple of tortillas.

apple tortilla pie 27

25. Cut them in half.

apple tortilla pie 28

26. And then into strips. These might be a tad on the thick side – but at this point it’s really up to you. You could cut shapes with a cookie cutter and lay those over top or forego a top crust altogether.

apple tortilla pie 28a

27. Start like this and you will pick up and lay down to create a weave – check out how to create a lattice top.

apple tortilla pie 29

28. Lift up in one direction.

apple tortilla pie 30

29. While you lay down in the other direction.

apple tortilla pie 31

30. See? Under, over, under, over – which is created by gently lifting and laying in opposite directions.

apple tortilla pie 32

31. Until you’ve got your weave – tuck any remaining strips around the edges to create a more substantial crust.

apple tortilla pie 33

32. Brush with butter and sprinkle with cinnamon and/or sugar and bake until tortillas are golden and crispy.

apple tortilla pie/whole feature

33. Just like this.

apple tortilla pie/half

34. Cut gingerly, holding the lattice top gently and you will have perfect pieces.

apple tortilla pie/feature

35. Whip up a little cream and there you have it – apple pie that packs a load of flavour, not a load of loaded pastry – a luscious lighter alternative.

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