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There’s no question that I’m a sucker for all things loaded with whole-grain, fruit, nuts & seeds and if I can pack ’em into a cookie, well, all the better! And this is proof that the Quasimoto of the cookie tray can wear a little bling in the form of chocolate, coconut, pistachios & chia seeds and be the first to be asked to dance amongst a sea of beautiful blondes aka shortbreadbutter cookiesalmond cookiesmacaroons and melting moments! These energy cookies are an oxymoron – starting with the name right through to the crunchy & chewy, the salty & sweet. Don’t be alarmed at the quantity – that’s 2 days worth at my house! I bring ’em out at breakfast with a little yogurt & cut up fruit and I’m Mrs. Incredible before the school bell rings – and with these babies in my arsenal I’ll still be charged up by dinner!


And a word about the method –  once you’ve made the batter, the add-ins are your business, and your business only – any seed or nut can stand in for the chia and pistachios, any finely diced fruit can join or replace the coconut – chocolate chips can stay or go, for God’s sake, mini marshmallows can be snipped and thrown in – I could keep going but I won’t, ’cause this ain’t rocket science or brain surgery! Feel free to share your own energy style anywhere you like – here, twitter, facebook, pinterest, google+ – I’d love to know how you spell energy!

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cookies/energy 1

1. First, get the pistachios shelled (if you need to), and FYI – 2 cups in the shell = 1 cup out of the shell.

cookies/energy 2

2. Give ’em a rough chop.

cookies/energy 3

3. Get the butter & brown sugar going in your mixer.

cookies/energy 5

4. Scrape down the sides as it mixes, just like this.

cookies/energy 4

5. Add the white sugar.

cookies/energy 6

6. Eggs and vanilla are next.

cookies/energy 7

7. Add them to the mixer and give it another 3-5 minutes.

cookies/energy 8

8. After 3 minutes.

cookies/energy 10

9. After a good 5 – nice and smooth.

cookies/energy 11

10. Measure out the dry ingredients onto a piece of waxed paper – makes mixing and pouring a snap.

cookies/energy 12

11. Mix it all around – a pastry scraper works great.

cookies/energy 13

12. Almost forgot the cinnamon & nutmeg – not good!

cookies/energy 15

13. Measure the chia seeds and I use these handy little containers of apple sauce – it’s around 1/3-1/2 cup.

cookies/energy 14

14. Get your add-ins sorted – pistachios, coconut & chocolate chips.

cookies/energy 16

15. Back to the batter.

cookies/energy 17

16. Fold in the dry.

cookies/energy 18

17. Until just combined – no hockey pucks please!

cookies/energy 20

18. Applesauce & chia seeds are next.

cookies with coconut, pistachios & chia

19. Gently fold the batter over a few times to incorporate your little black power seeds of energy!

cookies/energy 21

20. Pistachios down.

cookies/energy 22

21. Coconut down.

cookies/energy 23

22. And chocolate chips down. Stir as briefly as possible and start making tablespoon-sized balls and space them on a parchment-lined baking sheet.

cookies with coconut, pistachios & chia 23

23. Just like this.

cookies with coconut, pistachios & chia 24

24. Bake for 20 minutes or so until they are lightly golden, or darker if you prefer.

cookies with coconut, pistachios & chia 25

25. Today I’m rack-challenged and made a make-shift. Anything can raise a rack – I’m not sure I should have said that.

cookies with coconut, pistachios & chia 26

26. Off the pan and onto the rack.

cookies with coconut, pistachios & chia 27

27. I want one right now!

cookies with coconut, pistachios & chia 28

28. Ok I want halfa’ one!

cookies/coconut pistachio energy done 2

29. And I’ve got 40+ more that look just like this – so I guess I’m covered ’til sundown!

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