crêpes with wild rice, herbs & spices

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Thanks to your food processor or blender, you can load your next batch of crêpe batter up with a whack of wild rice, upping the protein and fibre factor in a serious way – like 2.5x than without it! Despite it’s name, wild rice is actually not rice, it’s the seed of marsh grass – and speaking of misleading monikers – buckwheat is not wheat, it’s a grain, peanuts aren’t nuts, they’re legumes & neither are pine nuts, they’re seeds. Similarly, french fries aren’t French, they’re Belgian, and Caesar salad belongs to Caesar Cardini, not Julius Caesar.

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So in the spirit of “what you see is what you get”, know before going in that that is not always the case –  welsh rabbit is cheese & toast, mincemeat is fruit & booze, sweetbreads are glands, rocky mountain oysters hang from bull’s, as in their testicles, bombay duck is fish, black pudding is sausage, gunpowder is tea, a bear claw is pastry, a colonial goose is lamb and of course ladyfingers, have nothing to do with ladies, or their fingers. So there you have it – a few good eats with handles designed to confuse – joining wild rice, which is questionably wild, and definitely not rice! On that note – let’s pulverize a little wild rice and stir more in to make the best darn crakes (crêpes/pancakes) to wrap or roll around just about anything – cause depending on how thick you make them, well you get where I’m going. OK, so give a crap, and make some crêpes – your people will love you for it!

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1. Put eggs, milk, wild rice and olive oil in a food processor or blender.

wild rice crepes 2

2. My food processor wasn’t breaking down the rice the way I wanted, so into the blender it goes.

wild rice crepes 3

3. That’s more like it – I’ll use the blender next time.

wild rice crepes 4

4. Measure the dry ingredients.

wild rice crepes 5

5. Give it a good stir.

wild rice crepes 6

6. Add the dry to the blender and let ‘er rip for several seconds.

wild rice crepes 7

7. Put the wild rice in a mixing bowl.

wild rice crepes 8

8. Add the batter to the wild rice.

wild rice crepes 9

9. Give the batter a good mix and you’re ready to make crêpes!

wild rice crepes 8

10. Heat up a pan and swirl with olive or vegetable oil.

wild rice crepes 9

11. Pour a 1/4+ cup, swirl the pan to completely coat the bottom. Gauge for yourself if you need more or less batter, depending on the size of the pan. You’re after a thin crêpe.

wild rice crepes 16

12. Leave it alone until the batter has set up before you flip it.

wild rice crepes 12

13. And flip it, allowing it to brown on the other side – this won’t take long.

wild rice crepes 11

14. Ladle & swirl.

wild rice crepes 16

15. Set.

wild rice crepes 15

16. Flip.

wild rice crepes feature 1

17. Repeat. Pile ’em up until you’re done.

wild rice crepes feature 3

18. And for a closer look – you can see that they’re about as thin as they can be to hold in all that yummy wild rice!

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