apple almond spice cake

This is a cake – but this sure ain’t your typical “cake”. Made with ingredients that would not be found anywhere near the it’ll-take-you-down-eventually list – in fact, they’re the headliners on the it’ll-keep-you-healthier-longer list – whole-grain pastry flour, apples, almonds, olive oil, cinnamon (one of the healthiest spices you can consume) and oats, to name a few of the star attractions.

apple almond cake feature

So when sweet shows up as go-ahead-eat-me-and-lose-the-guilt – well, I’m all over it. It’s surprisingly easy to switch up unhealthy ingredients with healthier alternatives – the flour switch is a no-brainer, (swap out some or all of the white variety), apples bring moisture, the almonds bring crunch and flavour (aside from its arsenal of health benefits), olive oil will win in the health arena over butter every time and who doesn’t like a crispy, crunchy topping, as opposed to gobs of vapid goo, I mean icing!

apple cake hot out of oven 1

This cake has it all – you can dress it up and take it dancing with a drizzle of caramel sauce, a dollop of  whipped or ice cream – or if you’d rather have your cake as is, at 3, with tea – then you’ve just met your cake!  A pretty good use for all those apples rolling around this time of year!

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apple almond spice cake/prep pan

1. Prep the pan.

apple almond spice cake/measure dry

2. Measure dry ingredients.

ginger & cinnamon

3. Measure ground ginger & cinnamon.

nutmeg grated

4. Grate nutmeg – FYI it’s 1/4 the price when you grate it yourself.

apple almond spice cake/nutmeg nutmeg grater

5. Have to share my ancient grater – with a little spot to hold the nutmeg.

nutmeg grater 2

6. Then close it up – as you can see I could mount this on the wall if I was so inclined – I go back and forth on the subject. Back to the cake.

apple almond spice cake/dry

7. Measure all the dry ingredients onto a piece of waxed paper – it makes it so easy to lift it up and slide it into the bowl.

apple almond spice cake/dry in bowl

8. Just like that!

apple almond cake/dry mixed

9. Give it a good stir to thoroughly combine.


10. Measure out your almonds.

apple almond spice cake 8

11. Give them a little toast in a dry pan – careful not to burn them.

apple almond spice cake 9

12. After they cool, pile them into a food processor.

apple almond spice cake 10

13. Give ’em a good whiz – remember to reserve 1/3 cup for the topping.

apple almond spice cake 11

14. Get the wet together and give that a good whisk.

apple almond spice cake 12

15. Get your apple prepped.

apple almond spice cake 13

16. Quarter it and grate it on a large-holed grater.

apple almond spice cake 17

17. Add the wet to the dry.

apple almond spice cake 18

18. Stir until just combined. See? Just combined!

apple almond spice cake 19

19. Fold in the nuts.

apple almond spice cake 20

20. And the grated apple.

apple almond spice cake 21

21. Stir until evenly mixed – just a few strokes and pour into your prepared pan.

apple almond spice cake 14

22. Get your topping ingredients in a bowl.

apple almond spice cake 15

23. Stir it all around and add the olive oil to moisten.

apple almond spice cake 16

24. Topping ready to go on.

apple almond spice cake 22

25. Topping on.

apple almond spice cake 23

26. Carefully spread it to cover the cake evenly and put it in the oven.

apple almond spice cake 24

27. What a difference an hour makes!

apple almond spice cake 25

28. Beautiful – now the hard part – we have to wait until it cools before we devour.

apple almond cake feature

29. What a difference another hour makes – apple almond spice cake to enjoy anytime!

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