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green rice/feature

What packs a nutritional knockout like a spread of glorious green vegetables laid out like a freshly-cut lawn! Well, I’m sure a few things do, but this’s gotta be right up there! And what better partner for all that greenery, than a mess of nutty brown rice. First, a word about the mess, before I start going on about the greenery! Rice (especially brown) is totally underrated – and joins pasta (especially whole-grain) and potatoes (especially sweet) as a blank canvas all of us in charge of cooking can turn to – which makes one wonder how rice could ever end up completely unadorned, in a naked pile (God forbid it’s white) on your plate. And, by the way, when it does – all I see is a missed opportunity! It’s cheap, it’s versatile and it’s oh-so-very good for you – but it’s gotta be brown – or red or black or purple or wild!

green rice

So, with that in mind, what better place to start gussying up your rice than with a gargantuan pile of  glorious green goodness courtesy of Mother Nature. Following a theme is a good rule of thumb – with your choice of both vegetables and flavours. My theme today is green and the flavours are garlic and citrus and what better way to push the citrus than with my new best friend – ponzu sauce. So fire up a fry pan, give your vegetables a quick go round, add a load of cooked rice and a little (or a lot) of zing and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous mound of rice, veggies & zing to enjoy as is, or alongside anything grilled, baked, fried, steamed, broiled, braised, roasted or toasted. So before you start hurling it at the next bride you see – think twice, this ain’t the movies – it’s rude to throw your food – come to think of it, that’s what the white rice is for – toss it, don’t eat it!

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rice spring 1

1. Get a large skillet nice and hot while you prep your vegetables of choice, and in the keeping-it-green theme – asparagus, green beans and zucchini would also work here.

rice spring 2

2. Start with broccoli as it takes the longest to cook.

rice spring 3

3. When it looks like this, start adding the other vegetables.

rice spring 4

4. Celery is next.

rice spring 6

5. Then the peas – and if they’re still frozenish – no worries, they’ll warm up in no time.

green rice/garlic/lemon

6. Prep the garlic & lemon juice.

green rice/garlic

7. Add the garlic and give it a good stir to briefly cook it.

green rice

8. In goes the rice.

green rice/stirred

9. Give it a stir.

green rice/scallions

10. Scallions are next.

green rice/lemon juice

11. Strain the lemon juice if you need to.

green rice/ponzu

12. Glug, glug, glug with the ponzu sauce.

green rice/parsley

13. Finish with the chopped parsley.

green rice/finished

14. Gently fold the lot to thoroughly combine – and you’re done!

green rice/done 1

15. Grab a bowl and dig in – serve it with a couple of lemon wedges and pass the ponzu.

green rice/feature

16. Hello handsome – hearty whole-grain brown rice laced with gobs of green veggies!

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