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Takes licking your plate to a whole new level – and sure cuts down on the dishes! Yes, we have to give taco salad the credit for putting these babies on the map – the infamous “salad” and I say “salad” ’cause, if you’re not careful, many a taco “salad” can hover around 1000 in the calorie department and wait for it – 50+ grams of fat! Yikes! And much of those calories and that fat are found in the the bowl – the bowl! So let’s get that bowl out of the fat bath and put it in a hot dry oven and see who has the last laugh  – and I guarantee we won’t have to wait to hear singing, ’cause it is so over when it comes to tortilla bowls from a fryer! All you need is oven-safe bowls or jars or if you’re lucky, get your hands on tortilla shell moldsfun, but not necessary.

tortilla bowls/spices

And a word about the seasonings – flavour them up anyway you like – salty, sweet, spicy, herby, or nothing at all, though you will miss an opportunity to add some excitement. Anything goes, you’re working with a blank canvas, so depending on what you’re going to fill your edible bowl with – accessorize as you see fit. I’ll leave you with a brush of vegetable oil followed by a sprinkle of sugar and cinnamon – leaves an ice cream cone in the dust! Happy bowling, I mean bowling.

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tortilla bowls/stack

1. Get your stack of tortillas.

tortilla bowls/microwave

2. Warm a few up at a time in the microwave – 10-15 seconds – they’re much more pliable and won’t tear when they’re warm!

tortilla bowls/on baking tray

3. Arrange what you’re going to mold them in or over on a baking pan – and if it’s over, your jar or bowl should be over too.

tortilla bowls/spices

4. Gather the flavours – mix it up, they’re your bowls – season ’em up any way you want.

tortilla bowls/microwave

5. Brush with oil, lay another tortilla over top, that way the 2nd tortilla gets a little oily love from the one below.

tortilla bowls/microwave

6. See? Keep going until you’ve brushed them all.

tortilla bowls/microwave

7. Sprinkle some with smoky paprika, onion powder – and always salt!

tortilla bowls/microwave

8. Sprinkle others with cumin and curry – and always salt.

tortilla bowls/microwave

9. Or onion powder and oregano – and, that’s right – always salt.

tortilla bowls/microwave

10. Fold them in before molding them to the bowl.

tortilla bowls/microwave

11. Press the edges out just like this.

tortilla bowls 14

12. Or bend the edges flat to create a more dramatic sombrero kind of shape.

tortilla bowls 15

13. Or leave the edges vertical for a tulip effect.

tortilla bowls 17

14. Keep going until you have all your tortillas in or over bowls – bake for 10-15 minutes until lightly brown and crisp.

tortilla bowls 18

15. Just like this – leave them in or over the bowls until cool.

tortilla bowls 19

16. Take the cooled tortillas out of the bowls and voilà – tortilla bowls ready for anything.

tortilla bowls 20

17. Pile them on a platter right side up –

tortilla bowls 21

18. Or upside down.

tortilla bowls 22

19. And there you have it –  a crispy, seasoned tortilla bowl ready for filling.

tortilla bowls feature

20. I happen to have a little pasta casserole that I piled in and topped with grated cheese. It can easily stand up to a brief zap to melt the cheese if you wish.

tortilla bowls 23

21. Just like this – and look Ma, no hands! Bowls are doin’ it for themselves and so can you, so start eating your bowls instead of washing them!

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