green beans asian-style

First, Happy St. Patrick’s Day, second, poor green beans – they’ve been singled out as the one to shun, the one to leave behind, the one to yell at, the one to avoid at all costs – why? I have a theory. When vegetables are cooked beyond recognition, slathered in cloying sauces and left for dead, well, they do lose a touch of appeal. A crisp, fresh, gorgeously green, green bean is a thing to behold.

green beans finished

The green bean’s time has come thanks to soy sauce, garlic and blue agave – after a quick trip over high heat, douse your beans with these heavenly asian-inspired flavours and you’ll be more than happy to eat your beans, and everyone else’s too!

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green beans washed

1. Give your beans a quick wash.

green beans

2. Lay your trimmed and rinsed green beans in a medium-hot pan to start cooking.

green beans/scallions

3. Slice a couple of scallions and set aside.

green beans/sauce

4. Get your sauce ingredients together – blue agave, soy sauce and garlic.

green beans sauced

5. Once they are crisp tender, add the sauce and the scallions, stir all around and get ready to dive in.

green beans/juicing lime

6. Finish with a shot of citrus – could be lemon, I have lime.

green beans feature

7. And there you are – or there are your beans – a perfect combination of salty & sweet. Finish with a little heat – sublime!

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