chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

Bittersweet, sorta sweet, really sweet or not sweet at all – sounds like a slew of ex-lovers rather than an earthly creation that tastes like heaven – you guessed it – chocolate. And if overheard describing its characteristics, one would swear you’re talking about Tom or Dick or Harry or Sally or Susie – surely not a luxurious bowl of gloriously decadent chocolate.

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Well, let’s start with rich, how about smooth & spicy, or warm & comforting, and when you’re working with chocolate in the kitchen – temperamental, fickle, moody and sensitive most definitely come to mind, as does ornery, headstrong and volatile. And when it works out it’s like the best love affair you’ve ever had – sigh … now that I’ve got that off my chest – suffice it to say, chocolate needs to be a permanent fixture – used and exploited way, way, way, way beyond the secret stash in your desk.

Make sure it’s real, make sure it’s pure and make sure it’s actually chocolate – there are many an impostor out there (just like Tom, Dick or Harry) waiting to seduce you, pretending to be something they’re not. So don’t be fooled by sweet talk – read the label, lose the guilt and do your health a favour in the process.

And now it all makes perfect sense – why a slowly melting hunk of chocolate in one’s mouth messes with the mind and makes the heart beat a little faster (really, it’s a scientific fact) – well, no wonder it’s synonymous with the international day of love – what better way to get lucky, when you’ve lost your mind while your heart rate’s going up! Now let’s eat chocolate!

read it – get yourself some serious know-how

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