broccoli seared with olive oil & garlic

First, go get the lowdown on broccoli in the crazed cook’s well-stocked kitchen. If you’re not a big fan of broccoli, get ready to join the ranks! This is the first method to master to conquer your disdain for the King of low-carb vegetables. This is without a doubt the first, the last, and dare I say, the only way to prepare broccoli. This is edible proof  that less is more, the simpler the better, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it,  as in kiss – keep it simple stu …  (I’ll leave it at that!)

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No need to mess with broccoli. Here’s how it works – you got broccoli, you got garlic, you got olive oil, you got salt and you got heat. And by the way, the heat is the most important ingredient. Medium-high, slightly closer to high is where the magic happens as the photos below will attest. Aside from packing a bigger punch in the vitamin C department than an orange, broccoli is also fodder for a little humour as a little buddy of my 9 year old pointed out upon learning of my love affair with broccoli … What is the difference between boogers and broccoli? Kids don’t eat broccoli. (Kids, don’t you just love ’em!) And to that, I found that poor little boy’s mother, let her in on the little secret that is this method, assuring her that her little boy would soon prefer broccoli!  So grab yourself a bunch, turn up the heat and you too can have a little boy (or a big boy, for that matter) who would go for a plate of broccoli over his pinky!

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1. Prep the broccoli into bite size pieces.


2. Rinse and nuke it for a minute, literally.

broccoli seared with olive oil & garlic 3

3. Drizzle olive oil a couple of times around a pan on highish heat and add the broccoli.

broccoli seared with olive oil & garlic 4

4. See the magic, there it is.

broccoli seared with olive oil & garlic 5

5. Prep the garlic, as in peel and fire it through a press, or finely chop it with a knife.

broccoli seared with olive oil & garlic 6

6. Mince it directly into the pan (less cleanup that way) and give it a good sprinkle from the salt shaker.

broccoli seared with olive oil & garlic 7

7. More magic …

broccoli seared with olive oil & garlic 8

8. Pull it off the heat and serve or add it to pasta, rice, salad – it’s delicious mixed in anywhere.

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