beets roasted in foil


Don’t be afraid of beets – I’m sure they’ve left just as many stains as these folks and, by the way, have just as much potential. They’re one of the rock stars of the vegetable patch, they bring it in the colour department and with the right management, their flavour is headed for greatness. So let’s save the beautiful beet from the same fate and start appreciating their god-given greatness – purple rain and all!

roasted beets 14

And if the beet could speak – here are a few lines that undoubtedly would be heard bellowing across the land – go ahead, ask the beet – the beet’ll tell ya – “they lie about me, they’re mean to me, they’re unfair to me, it’s not easy to be as great as I am” – and you know I could not leave the humble beet without a declaration of my own – may all beets go on and on and on! Now how on earth could I have resisted that!

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roasted beets 2

1. Get your beets together.

roasted beets 3

2. Lay them on a large piece of aluminum foil and seal them up like Fort Knox.

roasted beets 7

3. And after an hour in a hot oven, allow to cool – and the skins slide right off – talk about slippery!

roasted beets 8

4. Meet a beautiful, brilliant, burnished beet – finish sliding all the skins off and slice or chop any way you like – they’re your beets.

roasted beets 15

5. Pile them in a bowl and you’re ready to grab a fork or make some magic.

roasted beets 12

6. Mother Nature sure got it right when she was cookin’ up beets – they’re just so darn gorgeous!

roasted beets 17

7. So let’s make some magic –  throw some greens on a plate, scatter your roasted beets, add a little crunch like red onion, celery & sunflower seeds, dress it and you’re good to go. Idea #6912.

roasted beets 21

8. Keep going and add a chopped hard-boiled egg. It sure was delicious! Idea #6913

roasted beets 11

9. So get roasting –  and you can have a mess of beets to mess with, too!

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