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Meet the easiest snack to whip up on a moment’s notice that can be dressed up or down – talk about a cross-dresser – and since we’re always in the middle of snack season, here we go. We all have microwaves, we can all get our hands on plain brown paper lunch bags and we can all stockpile popping corn. So why then, do we all feel compelled (myself included) to purchase the stuff in a packet is another one of life’s little mysteries – aside from the health benefits of actually popping your own, when you wrap your head around a few microwave popcorn facts, you’ll never buy the stuff in a packet again. 1. the mark-up – popcorn (especially at the movies) is right up there with other massive rip-offs life has to offer – bottled water, coffee served by your neighbourhood barista, greeting cards made out of paper, and wait for it – text messages. 2. What’s lurking in the bag that becomes deadly at high temperatures aside from what’s lurking on the popping corn that, over time, will give us all something nasty. So if slowly ingesting toxins while being taken to the cleaners is your idea of yummy, think again. Meet yummy, 21st century-style – it’s here, it’s now and it’s high time. So the jig is up – microwave popcorn – we’re on to you. We’re sooo on to you, that we are now completely off you – sorry Orville.

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So my New Year’s resolution #317 is to ditch the stuff in the packet for good, always have a supply of brown paper lunch bags and a boatload of popcorn by the microwave and start feasting on the gorgeous whole grain that popcorn really is. And for those of you who do not have microwaves, I’m sure you own a stove, so grab a pot and fire up the burner ’cause there’s more than one way to get poppin’ and enjoy one of the first snacks known to man.

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popcorn feature

1. You got yer bags and you got yer popcorn.

popcorn feature-3

2. Put the popcorn kernels in the bag – stay with me now …

popcorn feature-2

3. See?

popcorn feature-4

4. Fold the top over a couple of times.

popcorn feature-5

5. Place it your microwave.

popcorn feature-6

6. Set the time for 2 minutes. And since every microwave heats in its own special way – adjust the time accordingly.

popcorn feature-final

7. One minute, 55 seconds later. My microwave is apparently a little on the hot side – duh!

popcorn feature-8

8. Let’s have another look at the simplest snack you’ll ever whip up! Now comes the fun part – get flavouring!

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