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Perfect addition to any holiday meal – and you are about to be set free, free, free, free, free, free, freeeeeeeee – from the reign of intimidation these light and airy puff balls have thrust upon many a cook, in many a kitchen over as many years. If and when we summon up the courage, we only seem to dig that deep when roast beef’s around or we’re holding the winning ticket to the lottery – well get ready to cash in – popovers have gone mainstream, ready to show up every single day to sop up anything that well – needs sopping up –  any gravy, sauce, soup or stew you’ve got going – and that’s just the beginning!

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After the sopping – enter slathering, swaddling, squeezing and stuffing with anything you can dream up – a smear of cream cheese and a little jam, a piece of smoky ham or bacon, a wedge of cheddar and a slice of apple, a spoonful of chili, pizza fixin’s, meatballs, anything from the grill, any and all salads – whipped cream & chocolate sauce, a perfect little ball of ice cream, lemon curd, any custard or mousse, stewed fruit … do you see where I’m going with this?

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Popovers can show up at breakfast, lunch & dinner and every hour in between – so whip up a batch and start sopping, slathering, swaddling, squeezing and stuffing  – you’ve just mastered another classic! This is your goto formula for success – as long as you have a screamin’ hot oven – you simply cannot screw this up! Your blender does the mixing and your oven does the rest. The downside? You’ll now be the official purveyor of all things popover!

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1. Put you muffin pan on the front and back burners over medium-high heat.

popovers 1

2. Measure the flour

popovers 2

3. Measure the milk and a generous pinch of salt.

popovers 3

4. Put the flour in the blender.

popovers 4

5. Put the milk in next.

popovers 5

6. Add the egg.

popovers 6

7. Put on the lid and give it a good whiz for 30-40 seconds.

popovers 7

8. Batter done.

popovers 8

9. Drizzle olive oil quickly over the pan in smooth strokes.

popovers 9

10. Do the same with the batter. Don’t worry about the drips, they turn into crispy bits everyone will fight over. Put in your hot oven until puffed and golden.

popovers 11

11. Until they look like this.

popovers 12

12. Allow to cool and watch them disappear faster than you can say “Hey, what happened to all the popovers”!

popovers 13

13. And this would be why you should double the recipe!

chocolate popovers 1

14. Guess what happens if you make them with chocolate milk, cocoa powder and a little sugar? Couldn’t resist showing you that!

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