cinnamon buns

Cinnamon buns, what can one say … why are they so darn good? Well, maybe it’s the buttery, brown sugary, cinnamony nuttiness that’s so generously spread all over a deliciously spongy cloud-like dough that might have something to do with it – do ya think?

cinnamon buns/done-4

If you like your buns sticky (no, you shut up), make a glaze that can be drizzled over after you take them out of the oven – sticky ‘em up how it suits ya!  And the amount is totally up to you as are the flavorings – think vanilla, maple, cinnamon, almond – lightly drizzle ‘em or drown ‘em ‘til they can’t breathe – it’s sort of like coffee or a G&T, how much cream vs sugar, how much G vs T, it’s a completely personal thing, as is, how sticky do you like your buns?

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cinnamon buns/ingredients

1. So here we go – here’s a crazy idea –  get the ingredients out before you begin. If you cook in an organized way, you will be a much more efficient cook, a cook with wings, a cook with a secret, a cook who’s cookin’!

cinnamon buns/water-2

2. First, get the yeast going by combining the water, yeast & honey together.

cinnamon buns/add salt

3. While the yeast is proofing, get the flour & salt in a large bowl.

cinnamon buns/yeast activated

4. After 10 minutes or so the yeast mixture will look like this.

cinnamon buns/add water

5. Add the yeast mixture to the dry ingredients with the additional water.

cinnamon buns/mixing dough-3

6. And get in there and start mixing.

cinnamon buns/mixing dough-4

7. And mixing …

cinnamon buns/mixing dough-5

8. Until it comes together in a mass that can be moved from the bowl to the board.

cinnamon buns/mixing dough-6

9. Start kneading

cinnamon buns/mixing dough-7

10. And kneading

cinnamon buns/dough

11. Until it’s soft and springy (or holds a thumb print) and put it in a greased bowl for its’ first nap of the day …

cinnamon buns/dough-2

12. Turn it in the bowl to coat with oil and …

cinnamon buns/dough resting

13. Cover with parchment or wax paper …

cinnamon buns/napping

14. And a dish towel to rest for 30-45 minutes … nighty, nite …

cinnamon buns/nuts

15. Meanwhile, get your nuts ready to toast …

cinnamon buns/nuts-2

16. When they’re done, allow to cool before chopping.

cinnamon buns/cinnamon butter

17. Time for the butter and cinnamon.

cinnamon buns/cinnamon butter-2

18. Start mixing.

cinnamon buns/cinnamon butter-3

19. And keep mixing until, well, all mixed.

cinnamon buns/butter and nuts

20. Add your chopped nuts.

cinnamon buns/butter and nuts-2

21. Stir until well combined – this here, butter and nuts – money!

cinnamon buns/dough-4

22. Unveil your dough and get ready to roll.

cinnamon buns/rolling dough

23. Flour the table, dump out the dough, get your pin and start rolling it out.

cinnamon buns/rolling dough-2

24. Until it looks like this.

cinnamon buns/nut butter on dough

25. Dot the dough with clumps of the nut butter.

cinnamon buns/nut butter on dough-3

26. And start spreading it evenly over the dough, use what works –  fingers, spatula, spreader …

cinnamon buns/drizzle honey

27. Drizzle the honey or maple syrup over the nut butter.

cinnamon buns/rolling

28. Start at the long edge and begin rolling the dough into a log shape.

cinnamon buns/rolling-2

29. Continue rolling, keeping it tight …

cinnamon buns/rolling-3

30. Until it’s all rolled up and gently pull the dough out to the edge so it’s even at the ends.

cinnamon buns/rolled

31. Unlike this, let’s call this artisan cinnamon bun end – I should have just pulled that top fold out to the edge. The dough is very easy to manipulate, just be gentle so as not to rip it.

cinnamon buns/prepare pan

32. Generously grease your pan of choice, and I mean generously. Your going to add sugar and cinnamon in a minute so this is where the ooey, gooey caramel comes to life.

cinnamon buns/prepare pan-3

33. Sprinkle the brown sugar followed by the cinnamon.

cinnamon buns/cut rolls

34. And start slicing the log into rolls.

cinnamon buns/rolls in pan

35. And placing them in the pan.

cinnamon buns/rolls in pan-3

36. Until they’re all in there, snug as little bugs in a rug.

cinnamon buns/rolls in pan-5

37. Time for another nap, so cover as before and let rest for another 30-45 minutes ’til they look like a bunch of chubby kids crammed on a couch.

cinnamon buns/rolls finishing

38. Sprinkle with the rest of the brown sugar and cinnamon, drizzle with honey if you like and get them in the oven.

cinnamon buns/done-2

39. They’re done when they look like this.

cinnamon buns/iced-2

40. Invert on a board or platter so the bottom becomes the top and wait for a few minutes so the caramel sets up. Pull off a piece, glaze it …

cinnamon buns/done-4

41. Or don’t, and enjoy!

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