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Why the heck is this still called mincemeat. When we give violent names to things that are intended to be eaten, well, it just doesn’t help – mincing is a step away from grinding, hacking & whacking!  Back in the day, I get it – along with the fruit, spices and booze, it was also packed with suet and minced meat – but the times they have-a- change-ed! Today, it has nothing to do with meat or the mincing of said meat. I’m here to break the code – mincemeat is a delightful mixture of chopped dried fruits, distilled spirits, spices and yes, when the Romans ruled, it did contain meat. Our grandmothers all made this from scratch however there are respectable brands on the market to save us a couple of days of distilling and well, mincing. The same can be said of the pie crust – make the pie dough yourself or head to the freezer section for ready-made (who needs to know) – exactly.

And when you peel and dice a few apples, fry ’em up in a little butter and then stir in a jar of mincemeat, well, you are halfway to heaven. The other half of the trip would be the buttery, melt-in-your-mouth tart shells and the apple crisp-style topping – and who says you can’t reinvent, apple crisp, mincemeat pie and tarts all in the same recipe. FYI – isn’t a tart just a little pie? Of course it is. So make tarts or make pies, but whatever you do – just make it – this can be whipped up in a few minutes but tastes like it took a lot longer than that! And if you really want to make it, I mean really, really  make it – as in youtube-style makin’ it – just see what can happen if you stick with it – so get yourself a little pie-making know-how – and we’ll see who’s makin’ it now – and in time for any holiday table, from now clear through the new year.

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mincemeat apple crisp tarts/apples

1. Start peeling and choppin’ up apples – the more apples, the more tarts.

mincemeat apple crisp tarts/apples chop

2. See? I’m still peelin’ & choppin’ …

mincemeat apple crisp tarts/tart shells

3. Lay the tart shells out on a baking pan and put them in the oven to brown.

mincemeat apple crisp tarts/shells 1

4. Like this – and let them cool before you fill them.

butter chicken 34

5. Melt 2-3 tablespoons of butter over medium-high heat.

mincemeat apple crisp tarts/cook

6. Start adding the apples.

mincemeat apple crisp tarts/cinnamon

7. Lots of cinnamon …

mincemeat apple crisp tarts/cook 3

8. Make it nice and cinnamony!

mincemeat apple crisp tarts/zest

9. Zest a lemon – just adds a certain “je ne sais quoi”.

mincemeat apple crisp tarts/juicing lemon

10. And the juice of that lemon, to keep that “je ne sais quoi” coming.

mincemeat apple crisp tarts/cook 2

11. Stir it all around and let a little caramelization take place.

mincemeat apple crisp tarts/mincemeat

12. Get out the mincemeat.

mincemeat apple crisp tarts/cook 3

13. Stir it all up with the sautéed apples.

mincemeat apple crisp tarts/crisp

14. Get the crunchy topping together in a bowl – oatmeal, flour, butter, brown sugar & spices.

mincemeat apple crisp tarts/fill shells

15. Once the tart shells have cooled, fill them and bake until the topping is golden.

mincemeat apple crisp tarts/done

16. And you now have a mess of glorious mincemeat apple crisp tarts! Ready for a big dollop of whipped or vanilla ice cream – sigh …

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