brown rice with coconut milk

When it comes to cooking rice, oh sure, we can always use water – but why? Why on earth would we do that when there’s a standing invitation from many liquids in our pantry to bring a load of richness, flavour and flare before the rice even hits the heat – so if you haven’t already, this is an invitation that needs your RSVP pronto. And today, with this batch of rice, the lucky liquid coming to the party is coconut milk. And if dairy is an issue, you’ve just be saved!

coconut rice/feature

First, a word about the rice – switch up white with brown because if you’re still eating the white stuff, you’re missing out on a whole lotta of love! And if this is news to you, well I’m glad it no longer is. And second, a word about the coconut milk – ok a few. I can’t encourage you enough to make this a staple in your pantry rather than something you turn off the heat, jump in the car and head to the market for because you forgot to read through the recipe to the end. Personally, I bring coconut milk in by the case lots ’cause when I realized how many ways I could make use of it, well, it’s second nature to me now – I stir it into soups, stews, pasta sauces, rice dishes, mash potatoes – anywhere I want a little creaminess. Also, buyer beware – be a label hound, buy the light variety ’cause if you’re not careful you could be clogging up your arteries faster than LA’s busiest freeway on a long weekend, or in my neck of the woods – the road to the ferry after a winter storm – translation? Come back tomorrow! So on that note – rice never had it so good!

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brown rice with coconut milk 1

1. Start with brown rice in a pot or rice cooker – I use a cooker.

brown rice with coconut milk 2

2. Rinse said rice.

brown rice with coconut milk 3

3. Crack a can of coconut milk.

brown rice with coconut milk 4

4. Chop a red onion – or any onion.

brown rice with coconut milk 5

5. Pour in the coconut milk.

brown rice with coconut milk 6

6. Add the water and a good pinch of salt.

brown rice with coconut milk 7

7. Stir in the red onion, cover and cook.

brown rice with coconut milk 8

8. And there you have dreamy creamy coconut rice with red onion.

brown rice with coconut milk feature

9. Garnish with a few cilantro leaves, a drizzle of olive oil – a shake of cayenne takes it over the top.

brown rice with coconut milk 9

10. See? Coconut rice at its finest!

3 Responses to brown rice with coconut milk
  1. Shulah
    September 8, 2015 | 1:59 pm

    Recipe was easy and delicious, but I just had one comment about your advice to buy light coconut milk. Light coconut milk is just the regular with more water added, and occasionally with some kind of gum or flour to thicken it and make it look more like the regular stuff (nothing you really want in your coconut milk, light or regular). You get way more value for your money if you buy the regular coconut milk and just thin it out yourself at home. Thought you should know, especially if you’re buying it by the case!

  2. Susan
    January 11, 2017 | 9:18 am

    Regular coconut milk is best. Research shows coconut oil/fat is VERY heart healthy!!! ☺

  3. Dita
    August 13, 2017 | 8:27 pm

    I usually soak brown rice before cooking to make it fluffier. Do I have to pre-soak it for this recipe?

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