onions caramelized

If there ever was anything you should have at the ready at all times to add to all sorts of things, you’re lookin’ at it. These’ll see you straight through grilling season – your go to topping for everything coming off the grill! These can even be turned into a classic soup with a chaser of beef stock – french onion soup anyone? Mother Nature has done the work – it’s all in the DNA of the humble onion – when you bring the heat, the onion brings the sweet – the secret? Low and slow, and don’t get me started, this is a family show. It’s hard to believe – place a pan over medium-low heat, drizzle in a little olive oil, pile in the sliced onions & sprinkle with salt! And if you think the onion is the dumbest in the land – think again!

onions sliced/feature

So on your next trip to the vegetable stand, grab ’em by the kilo, don’t be shy, none of this 2-3 onion stuff. Go in with confidence, because you’ve just discovered that if you keep caramelized onions on hand like ketchup, you’re more than halfway home! And if you use sweet vidalias or walla wallas, you’re pullin’ in the driveway. And if you don’t want to hang over the pan, use your slow cooker, my slow cooker? Yup, your slow cooker – and if you want to do it in record time, brown ’em first, first? Yup, first! Never surrender? I think not! 

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onions in basket

1. Grab a load of onions.

onions caramelized 2

2. Slice ’em up and pile ’em in a big shallow pan. If you’ve got some happenin’ knife skills, have at it, or use a mandoline – it makes this step a no-brainer. And there’s no need to cry about it!

onions caramelized 3

3. Drizzle a little olive oil a couple of times around the pan and add a healthy sprinkle of salt..

onions caramelized 4

4. First, they start to sweat – don’t we all! That’s the onions giving up their water – just like us at the gym.

onions caramelized 5

5. And after a few minutes, they start to give it up …

onions caramelized 6

6. And after 20, 30, 40 minutes, they really start to give it up! And FYI, if they get a little dry, add a splash of water.

onions caramelized feature

7. Until they’re arms are in the air beggin’ for mercy – I give up, I give up, I give up – take me – take me now!

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