sole with butter & lemon

Talk about soul (I had to, and I’ll explain why) – meet the fish that started it all, that lit that proverbial fire under the reigning Queen of French cuisine – yes, that would be the one and only Julia Child. The story goes that she and her beloved Paul dined out one evening (or it may have been lunch) in Paris, she took one bite of the classic sole meunière he ordered, yes, he – and her eyes rolled back in her head, lightheadedness ensued and Paul had to prop her up all the way home – and Julia Child, as we’ve come to know her, was born – talk about soul food! And if Julia could cook in the studio, like she cooked in the kitchen, the Queen of Soul woulda’ had some serious competition.

lemon sole sauté feature

So get yourself some sole – it’s as versatile as the woman who played the woman who started it all and continues to inspire me every single day – hence lemon sole sauté – with lemon, thyme & parsley it’s sole meunière, with capers it’s sole doré, with spinach, white wine & onions, it’s sole florentine, with tomatoes & cream it’s sole duglère, with grapes & fresh tarragon it’s sole véronique, with a trip through an egg wash and breadcrumbs it’s sole colbert – and with what you like, it’s an original – so peruse the possibilities – baked, stuffed, poached, rolled, fried, steamed – however you prepare it – sole is the soul of  sustenance from the sea. Translation? Sole is a blank canvas  just waiting for you to write on the slate of how it will be served up today – and today’s special just doesn’t get any more special. By the way, these ideas work with any mild, white fish – halibut, tilapia, cod, haddock, trout, orange roughy – so now there’s really no excuse to be bypassing the in the fridge counter now.

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lemon sole sauté 1

1. Get your defrosted sole ready to roll. I buy convenient in the freezer at my local football-field of-a-box-store and I’m always ready to go. But by all means use fresh.

lemon sole sauté 2

2. Take it out of the plastic and get a pile of papertowel ready to work. This is the secret to perfectly seared sole –getting it as dry as a Canadian winter.

lemon sole sauté 3

3. Unwrap as many fillets as you need, and keep the paper towel coming.

lemon sole sauté 4

4. Just layer the fillets in a dish.

lemon sole sauté 7

5. Keep the layers coming, cover and refrigerate until you’re ready to fry.

lemon sole sauté 5

6. Get your dredging station ready.

lemon sole sauté 6

7. Lightly coat each fillet.

lemon sole sauté 10

8. Turn over to coat both sides and shake off the excess. Set aside until you’re, that’s right, ready to fry.

lemon sole sauté 8

9. In the meantime, heat up a wide shallow pan until nice & hot and drop in a dollop of butter with a swirl of olive oil.

lemon sole sauté 16

10. Keep dredging.

lemon sole sauté 15

11. And dredging – set aside while you start to fry.

lemon sole sauté 11

12. Lay as many fillets as will comfortably fit – make sure there’e no over lapping – if it’s not touching the pan, it ain’t gonna sear.

lemon sole sauté 12

13. After 2-3 minutes, they’re ready to flip.

lemon sole sauté 21

14. Zest a lemon – or more if you’re cooking for a crowd.

lemon sole sauté 19

15. Juice a lemon – or more if that crowd is still hangin’ around.

lemon sole sauté 20

16. Add a tablespoon or 2 of the juice to the pan along with another bit of butter and a sprinkle of zest.

lemon sole sauté 26

17. Remove to a plate and start all over again – remember?

lemon sole sauté 24

18. Add a little butter and a swirl of olive oil to your hot pan.

lemon sole sauté 14

19. Lay your dredged fish in.

lemon sole sauté 17

20. Turn said fish.

lemon sole sauté 23

21. Juice, zest & butter said fish.

lemon sole sauté 26

22. Plate and drizzle said fish.

lemon sole sauté 27

23. Consume said fish. So here’s to eating more fish.

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