chicken cooked whole in a crockpot

chicken whole in crock pot 18

Want a boatload of cooked chicken to use in more ways than you could ever dream of? Hands down, the easiest way to cook a whole chicken. All you gotta do is make this once or twice a week to use immediately, or fill a couple of ziploc sandwich bags and freeze for another time. Lose the is-it-done-yet fear factor for good, cause this’ll be the moistest, fall off the bone, cooked to perfection chicken you’ll ever produce. The only, dare I say, drawback, is no crispy skin, which can be easily achieved with a quick trip under the broiler. And don’t you dare chuck the flavour-loaded juices – simply pour in a container, refrigerate, skim off the fat and if you’re not going to use it right away, carry on to make a gorgeous stock, or freeze concentrated juices in ice cube trays to add to sauces, stir-fries or anywhere you need a little flavour-laden moisture. Waste not, want not … your grandmother’s always watching!

zucchini bread with lemon zest & almonds

zucchini bread with lemon zest & almonds

Quick breads come together in no time, freeze beautifully and best of all – you can load ’em up with all sorts of powerhouse ingredients. Think carrots, zucchini, kale, squash, spinach – all sorts of vegetables can be hidden in a delicious quick bread packed with all things tasty– chocolate chips, dried fruit or toasted nuts.

black bean soup with pork & veggies

black bean soup/feature

If you’re not a black bean lover, what are you waiting for? And black bean soup is the perfect place to start to convert you for good! Throw in a ham hock and you’re in smoky hog heaven!

split pea soup with ham (or not)

split pea soup'/feature 2

Split pea soup is a classic, so simple to put together, is easy on the pocket book and couldn’t be a healthier dish to enjoy as is or load up with heartier fare to turn it into a complete meal!

spice blends ~ pumpkin apple pie

spice blend: apple pumpkin pie

After countless times of countless jars and countless spoons –  I’ve finally come to my spicy senses! Open 6 bottles once, make a blend, and enjoy the taste of pie whenever the mood strikes! Spice companies got smart, threw a few spices together, slapped on a label – and sat back thinking they found the…

eggs in pepper rings

eggs in pepper rings

Did you know that we all own a never-ending set of ring molds that take up absolutely no space in our gadgets-we-rarely-use drawer? I know, I know – I didn’t either – but we do! Meet Mr. Red Pepper, sliced into thick rounds, makes the perfect ring mold minus the fuss of oiling & washing…

quinoa-crusted quiche

quinoa-crusted quiche feature 1

Quiche is a method – bring a grain-based crust together, load it up with vegetables and protein, held together with eggs and milk, and you’ve got yourself a meal for anytime of day.

tomato sauce deconstructed

tomato sauce/feature

Tomato sauce is a staple in every pantry, so why not load up on fresh tomatoes and make it yourself!

sausage meatballs marinara

sausage meatball sauce 12

Sausages can be turned into meatballs with a simple pinch and slide saving you a boatload of time customizing your own recipe. Try this on for size and you’ll be enjoying meatballs more often than you thought possible!

lemon summer squash soup

lemon summer squash soup

Lemon summer squash soup is fast, delicious and a great addition to your soup repertoire!