ricotta with herbs

Have I lost my mind? I sure hope so, ’cause if losing one’s mind means discovering the last number on the keypad which unlocks the 3rd and final door to the cheese lab, then I’ve lost my mind big time! It’s like crawling over the bed of nails, which hovers over the hot coals, leading through the ring of fire, over the snapping alligators, bypassing dinner with the dragons, under the castle floor, straight up the side to the top of the cheese chamber. My point? With the knowledge that we now both have – sing it with me – we are never, ever, ever – buying ricotta, remember! Ever.

ricotta homemade/feature

And if you don’t believe me, take my ricotta cheese challenge – (assuming you have the milk, cream, vinegar & cheesecloth to make it). The challenge? Send someone to the store to buy some and you go in the kitchen and make some – you’ll be sitting in a chair by the window licking ricotta off a spoon wondering if the car’s broken down before your challenger finally squeals in the driveway. You’ll now see firsthand what Little Miss Muffet was eating while sitting on that tuffet before she freaked out! If she’d only gotten herself some cheesecloth – she would have gone down in history a little differently – like the babe who happened upon ricotta, as opposed to the scaredy cat who took off down the road! ‘Nuff said. Go make yourself some creamy, dreamy ricotta, make some crostini, and you’ve just made something to take anywhere – from your table to every table you’ll ever end up at – talk about a spread.

wild rice salad with toasted nuts & grapes

wild rice salad

Wild rice in a salad is a great way to enjoy this pricey seed – cook up a cup or two , and have it on hand to toss into all sorts of dishes – soups, omelettes, frittatas, muffins, cookies, pancakes, crêpes – enjoy it in combination to extend your stash!

lemon summer squash soup

lemon summer squash soup

Lemon summer squash soup is fast, delicious and a great addition to your soup repertoire!

chicken under a brick

chicken under a brick platter

Chicken cooked under a brick is flavourful, moist and tender, especially after marinating for a few hours. Whether you have a grill or simply a cast iron pan on the stove-top, this chicken will become a staple after the first time you try it.

broccoli pesto

broccoi pesto pesto/feature

Pesto is a method made famous by the classic combination of basil, garlic, parmesan, pine nuts & olive oil – by switching up the elements with brothers from another mother – many a vegetable & nut combo can be transformed into a pesto – meet broccoli pesto!

zucchini, chocolate, coconut, nut bread

zucchini bread with chocolate, coconut & pistachios

Zucchini transforms quick bread to a moister loaf than even added fat could provide! Get grating zucchini and rescue any quick bread recipe from dry & boring to moist & glorious with this simple addition – even a handful of grated zucchini will bring much needed moistness to many a quick bread recipe – now that’s using your zucchini!

salmon grilled with dijon, honey & soy

salmon grilled

The perfect way to prepare salmon is on the grill – with a quick marinade of dijon, soy sauce, olive oil, garlic & blue agave – the secret is touch it as little as possible – once when you put it on, once when you flip it and once when you take it off!

avocado & white bean dip with scallions & lime

avocado bean dip 6

Avocados are the unsung heroes of the garden! They’re loaded with nutrients, taste like butter straight from the dairy and can show up anywhere – in chunks to silky smooth, in sweet or savoury, anytime, anywhere! Here they’re paired with white beans to bring a delicious dip to life!

coconut lemon muffins with chia seeds

glazed lemon coconut chia seed muffins

A new spin on lemon poppy seed muffins – healthier whole-grain pastry flour stands in for regular, pumped up chia seeds stand in for poppy and coconut oil & flakes bring added flavour & texture, not to mention added health benefits! With muffins like these, you can dig in on a regular basis!

roasted corn & black bean salsa

roasted salsa/feature

Fresh salsa is a snap to put together – with a few simple ingredients, a little lime juice, olive oil and heat, homemade salsa will be the only salsa that will ever pass your lips!