mango cubes

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Here’s a clever little trick – whenever you find fruit at bargain-basement prices, feel free to let your inner hoarder run wild! No, you don’t have to eat it straight for days to avoid waste, nor do you have to spend hours coming up with, and then executing, ways to use it – simply prep it, pile it in a processor, flip the switch and let ‘er rip. And thanks to an ice cube tray or two, you’ll have nifty little cubes to pop in a smoothie, toss in a sauce or lace a lassi. But do enjoy a few mangos for a day or two or three, here are 25 ways to do so.

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So next time your local fruit stand is selling the farm – get in on the action and you’ll have a fresh supply of all your in-season favourites to enjoy whenever, and however, you like! Think strawberries, bananas, blueberries, cherries, avocado, apricots, peaches, plums, pears, or dare I say it – a combo, ok I’ll stop now. And FYI, vegetable cubes are another story, for another day …

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mango cubes 1

1. Gather your mangos, a knife (or mango splitter), ice cube trays and your processor.

mango cubes 2

2. I have a splitter, so I start splitting.

mango cubes 3

3. Slice and scrape, or slice and dice the mango off the skin and load up your processor.

mango cubes 4

4. Whiz it to smithereens.

mango cubes 5

5. Transfer the purée to a cup measure or jug (for easy pouring) and start filling your ice cube trays.

mango cubes 6

6. Until you have no purée left and pop the trays in the freezer.

mango cubes 7

7. A few hours later – frozen mango cubes.

mango cubes feature

8. And with a little twist of the tray, they pop right out.

mango cubes 8

9. Get them in a bag and put them right back in the freezer.

roasted ham & vegetable pot pie

ham pot pie/feature

Having an easy, tasty pot pie recipe in your back pocket is like knowing your ABC’s – in an attempt to free us all from the shackles of a recipe – meet pot pie 101. whether you fill it with chicken, turkey, pork, beef, fish, shrimp, scallops, clams or a mess of roasted vegetables – it’s a method. So learn the method and you’ll have pot pie from now ’til the end of time!

indian-inspired dip with legumes & spinach

split pea & lentil dip feature

I just love it when dip becomes dinner and that’s exactly what happens when you start with protein-packed beans, throw in nutrient-packed spinach and lace it with garlic, lemon, cumin & turmeric.

chocolate almond bacon bark

chocolate almond bacon bark feature

Chocolate bark is one of the simplest treats to put together and the most impressive. Melt high-quality chocolate and start sprinkling – toasted nuts, coconut flakes, dried fruits, bacon, candies – and it can be flavoured up any way you like. This is the next recipe to add to your “gifts from the kitchen” repertoire, whatever the occasion.

french onion soup

french onion soup feature 1

Meet the most delicious soup anywhere, France or otherwise. Thanks to the likes of Julia Child, (who single-handedly ignited the world’s love affair with this humble creation), it has been visited upon by many – including moi! In an attempt to not be redundant, recreate the wheel or go where many have already gone, I’m…

balsamic reduction

balsamic reduction feature

Meet balsamic reduction, the drizzle juice from heaven, and by any other name – reduction, sauce, glaze, syrup – tastes as other-worldly. And just like many of my recipes, this too is a method – simmer the vinegar until the desired consistency is reached – the more it simmers the thicker it gets – which is pretty much the case with most things that hang over heat.

sweet potato gratin with toasted nuts & parmesan

sweet potato gratin with garlic & rosemary

A gratin is a method – so feel free to switch up the root vegetable and the flavours to create a dish to compliment any main you got going!


dukkah feature

It’s time to liberate your snacking, seasoning and smack factor of everything that’s coming out of your kitchen – and here’s one way to do it. With its origin in Egypt, and the folks Down Under bringing it to our attention, dukkah is one compelling little concoction. So first a little history lesson – it’s “do-ka” and it means…

chocolate pudding cake

chocolate pudding cake/feature

When does it get any better than when chocolate, pudding and cake run into each other? I rest my case. I’m not sure what the magic is when the top becomes the bottom, and the bottom becomes the top, but it sure is a clever trick!

cauliflower roasted with garlic, ginger & turmeric

roasted cauliflower

Roasting cauliflower is the only way to eat it – the sugars caramelize which means big flavour, add an indian spiced spin and you have never seen cauliflower disappear so quickly.