flank steak seared with garlic & soy

flank steak

Don’t you just love it when something comes along that makes you look like you might actually share DNA with Julia or Jacques! Like all passionate cooks, they’ve had their struggles, and like most of us, more than once – which might help explain why us folks crazy for cooking, can actually lose our minds on occasion! Meet flank steak – done to perfection. Frankly, (aren’t you glad I didn’t say flankly?!) you’d be hard-pressed to come up with a more delectable way to prepare it. Assuming you’re after gorgeous, juicy, flavourful slices of melt-in-your-mouth ambrosia! Get ready for the easiest prep you’ll ever do – all you need (besides the flank steak) is a resealable bag, soy sauce, garlic (cloves or powder) and olive oil – that’s it.

flank steak

The game plan is 3-fold, as all great game plans should be. Just ask any coach – it’s what you do before, during and after the game – that determines the outcome of the game – and flank steak is no different. So what’s the flank steak game plan? Marinate before, searing high heat during, and cool down time after. So assuming you stick to the plan – you’ll have flank steak reeling off into the stratosphere before you realize you won the game before it even started.

biscotti with oatmeal, orange, figs & walnuts

I’ve gone bonkers for biscotti – as will you when you realize that you can add anything to the basic batter – I like replacing some of the flour with oatmeal –adds crunch and flavour not to mention whole-grain goodness. When I discovered a bag of dried figs hibernating in the back of my fridge…

biscotti with chocolate & hazelnuts

biscotti chocolate hazelnut - 16

Discover the brilliance of biscotti – they can be flavoured up in dozens of ways, so make up a batch, add what you like, bake, slice and bake again and you’ve got yourself a satisfying crunchy snack for weeks to come.

zucchini or (broccoli) fritters with scallions & goat cheese

fritters/zucchini feature 1

Fabulous fritters! And the most important thing to remember is – please, please, pleeeease don’t let a fritter recipe take you down, meaning the only thing that must make it into a vegetable fritter is the vegetable, flour, egg and s&p – any special flavourings, cheeses or other additions are merely extras and should not stop you from frying up a fritter!

popcorn with maple syrup & salt

It doesn’t get any better than this! Popcorn, maple syrup, brown (and if you have it, maple) sugar, maple extract & salt. Talk about addictive. I make popcorn in the microwave using brown paper lunch bags, make the maple coating in a measuring cup, pour it over the popcorn, stir to coat and bake it…

biscotti with spices, almonds & oatmeal

Biscotti are one of the easiest cookies to make, and the flavour combos are virtually endless. Understand that biscotti is a method and when it comes to add-ins – anything goes. And by anything I’m talking nuts, dried fruit, herbs & spices – there alone, are 100’s of combinations.

salmon grilled with dijon, honey & soy

salmon grilled

The perfect way to prepare salmon is on the grill – with a quick marinade of dijon, soy sauce, olive oil, garlic & blue agave – the secret is touch it as little as possible – once when you put it on, once when you flip it and once when you take it off!

black olives seared in lemon, garlic & herbs

Canned black olives get a complete makeover with the simple addition of lemon, garlic and fresh herbs. And it doesn’t stop there – the whole load gets dumped into a ho pan to sear and caramelize, transforming the canned variety to rival the souped up ones from the deli.

zucchini, chocolate, coconut, nut bread

zucchini bread with chocolate, coconut & pistachios

Zucchini transforms quick bread to a moister loaf than even added fat could provide! Get grating zucchini and rescue any quick bread recipe from dry & boring to moist & glorious with this simple addition – even a handful of grated zucchini will bring much needed moistness to many a quick bread recipe – now that’s using your zucchini!

corn on the cob with garlic & lime

corn roasted in a pan with citrus

Corn and the cob can be enjoyed like it came hot off the grill, but didn’t! Thanks to a hot pan, you can roast it to caramelized perfection, as if it did. It sears up beautifully right on your stove-top, ready for whatever you’d like to throw at it.