cookies with coconut, pistachios & chia

There’s no question that I’m a sucker for all things loaded with whole-grain, fruit, nuts & seeds and if I can pack ‘em into a cookie, well, all the better! And this is proof that the Quasimoto of the cookie tray can wear a little bling in the form of chocolate, coconut, pistachios & chia seeds and be the first to be asked to dance amongst a sea of beautiful blondes aka shortbreadbutter cookiesalmond cookiesmacaroons and melting moments! These energy cookies are an oxymoron – starting with the name right through to the crunchy & chewy, the salty & sweet. Don’t be alarmed at the quantity – that’s 2 days worth at my house! I bring ‘em out at breakfast with a little yogurt & cut up fruit and I’m Mrs. Incredible before the school bell rings – and with these babies in my arsenal I’ll still be charged up by dinner!

And a word about the method –  once you’ve made the batter, the add-ins are your business, and your business only – any seed or nut can stand in for the chia and pistachios, any finely diced fruit can join or replace the coconut – chocolate chips can stay or go, for God’s sake, mini marshmallows can be snipped and thrown in – I could keep going but I won’t, ’cause this ain’t rocket science or brain surgery! Feel free to share your own energy style anywhere you like – here, twitter, facebook, pinterest, google+ – I’d love to know how you spell energy!

mushrooms 101


Mushrooms are the ones to envy, they’ve got it all goin’ on – they will never be banned from a party (unless of course, you simply don’t like them – I’m assuming you do). What’s not to like? Their history is deep, spanning 1000′s of years, with as many varieties and just as many ways…

asparagus roasted with garlic & lemon

asparagus roasted/feature

It’s asparagus season, and if there’s one thing in life worth waiting for – it’s real asparagus from your local farmer, when spring has just sprung – wait – look – spring is sprunging – and with this throw-together in your back pocket, you’ll be eating your local asparagus farmer’s stash right out of house & home!

white bean soup with garlic & oregano

white bean soup feature

This Italian staple of white bean soup needs to make it on your top 10 “base soup recipes” list. Master this classic Tuscan soup and then switch up with all kinds of variations.

biscotti with chocolate & hazelnuts

biscotti chocolate hazelnut - 16

Discover the brilliance of biscotti – they can be flavoured up in dozens of ways, so make up a batch, add what you like, bake, slice and bake again and you’ve got yourself a satisfying crunchy snack for weeks to come.

tomato soup roasted italian-style

roasted tomato soup/feature

Roasting tomatoes before they turn into soup is the only way to make tomato soup – along with a few cloves of garlic, an onion and a little olive oil – you will be enjoying an intense tomato flavour you never thought possible.

pumpkin seeds 101

pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds have made it on the short list of superfoods, and with a quick roast and spicy seasoning, they’ll taste like there’re not! Toss ‘em everywhere – soups, salads, cereals, breads, muffins.

chocolate almond bacon bark

chocolate almond bacon bark feature

Chocolate bark is one of the simplest treats to put together and the most impressive.Melt high-quality chocolate and start sprinkling – toasted nuts, coconut flakes, dried fruits, bacon, candies – and it can be flavoured up any way you like. This is the next recipe to add to your “gifts from the kitchen” repertoire, whatever the occasion.

creamy chickpea pasta sauce

chickpea pasta sauce/feature

Pasta sauce that starts with, or should I say ends with one of the healthiest beans puréed to resemble full-fat cream, is a pasta sauce I’m happy to embrace. Richness can come in many forms, remember cream sauce made from cauliflower! Come to think of it, you could us that in place of the chickpeas…

dutch baby pancake

dutch baby 10

Make pancakes in one fell swoop with this classic dutch baby recipe! You’ll never make pancakes any other way again!