pork loin grilled with smoke

pork smoky grilled 20

You got yer pork, you got yer smoke and you got yer grill – what else do you need besides a bring-that-loin-to-it’s-knees marinade! It’s what you do to the loin before it hits the heat that makes it beg for mercy after – ain’t that the way it usually goes – soften ’em up and go in for the kill!

pork smoky grilled/feature

Between the lime juice & the soy sauce, this pork loin doesn’t have a chance. Grill up a couple of hunks (of pork!) and if you accessorize it correctly, an itty bitty loin can serve a crowd! Meaning, slice it up alongside a basket of fresh buns (make ’em yourself or hit up your local bakery), mounds of crunchy coleslawcaramelized onionssautéed mushrooms and a cooler of instant ice-cold beer – now that’s how you serve up a loin of pork to feed a flock of friends in a flash, including the ice-cold beer! And FYI – the smoke is optional, as is the grill, it’s the the marinade and high heat that’ll bring on the pork loin love! 

broccoli pesto

broccoi pesto pesto/feature

Pesto is a method made famous by the classic combination of basil, garlic, parmesan, pine nuts & olive oil – by switching up the elements with brothers from another mother – many a vegetable & nut combo can be transformed into a pesto – meet broccoli pesto!

cornmeal cakes with bacon, scallions & corn

cornbread cakes/feature

What better way to enjoy your veggies than folded into a batter headed for a hot pan to become a nice crisp cake or fritter!

lemonade from scratch

lemonade feature

Lemonade from scratch is the only way to go and could not be easier to put together! I can’t think of a better reason to keep a batch of lemons on hand at all times, and we all have sugar and water. Master the basic recipe and then move on to a myriad of ways to serve up this summer classic!

wild rice salad with toasted nuts & grapes

wild rice salad

Wild rice in a salad is a great way to enjoy this pricey seed – cook up a cup or two , and have it on hand to toss into all sorts of dishes – soups, omelettes, frittatas, muffins, cookies, pancakes, crêpes – enjoy it in combination to extend your stash!

sweet potato fritters

sweet potao fritters/feature

Don’t get me wrong – peeled, boiled, smashed and mashed is a lovely way to prepare sweet potatoes, (especially at Thanksgiving), however there are other ways, like 100’s of them, and this is a great place to start! First, these can be made ahead and reheated just before serving, and second, I’ve just discovered that my…

zucchini, chocolate, coconut, nut bread

zucchini bread with chocolate, coconut & pistachios

Zucchini transforms quick bread to a moister loaf than even added fat could provide! Get grating zucchini and rescue any quick bread recipe from dry & boring to moist & glorious with this simple addition – even a handful of grated zucchini will bring much needed moistness to many a quick bread recipe – now that’s using your zucchini!

split pea soup with ham (or not)

split pea soup'/feature 2

Split pea soup is a classic, so simple to put together, is easy on the pocket book and couldn’t be a healthier dish to enjoy as is or load up with heartier fare to turn it into a complete meal!

roasted red pepper purée

roasted red pepper puree

Red pepper purée is a rich man’s ketchup, minus the price tag. It could not be easier to make and can be used in dressings, dips, sauces, stews, soups – anywhere you want a flavour boost.

asparagus roasted with garlic & lemon

asparagus roasted/feature

It’s asparagus season, and if there’s one thing in life worth waiting for – it’s real asparagus from your local farmer, when spring has just sprung – wait – look – spring is sprunging – and with this throw-together in your back pocket, you’ll be eating your local asparagus farmer’s stash right out of house & home!