salmon grilled with dijon, honey & soy

salmon/ grilled 8

Anyone, and I do mean anyone – can cook a slab of salmon to perfection! Aside from this quick marinade, as in 10-15 minutes quick, that seals the deal –  if you do nothing else, heed the following advice! Regardless of what you do to prep your salmon, you must, must, must resist the urge to touch, turn or tinker with your fish – you have one chance, and one chance only to end up with perfectly cooked, intact salmon!

salmon grilled feature

In other words – keep your mitts off the fish! I can’t stress this enough – it’s the constant touching, turning & tinkering that sends fantastic to floundering (pun intended) faster than speeding bullets, light, sound and any other speed cliché you can think of. What you gotta have is faith – and if you do you will be rewarded with the most flavourful, succulent, slab of salmon ever to pass your lips. Talk about salmon enchanted evening – sorry, I couldn’t resist – and apparently, I’m not the only one!

Choose any cooking method you prefer – in a pan, in parchment or foil, in the oven or right on the grill – whichever method you choose, make sure it’s screamin’ hot, coupled with a tasty marinade, add a cook with self-control and you’ve got yourself a winner, winner, salmon dinner!

black olives seared in lemon, garlic & herbs

Canned black olives get a complete makeover with the simple addition of lemon, garlic and fresh herbs. And it doesn’t stop there – the whole load gets dumped into a ho pan to sear and caramelize, transforming the canned variety to rival the souped up ones from the deli.

zucchini, chocolate, coconut, nut bread

zucchini bread with chocolate, coconut & pistachios

Zucchini transforms quick bread to a moister loaf than even added fat could provide! Get grating zucchini and rescue any quick bread recipe from dry & boring to moist & glorious with this simple addition – even a handful of grated zucchini will bring much needed moistness to many a quick bread recipe – now that’s using your zucchini!

corn on the cob with garlic & lime

corn roasted in a pan with citrus

Corn and the cob can be enjoyed like it came hot off the grill, but didn’t! Thanks to a hot pan, you can roast it to caramelized perfection, as if it did. It sears up beautifully right on your stove-top, ready for whatever you’d like to throw at it.

lemon summer squash soup

lemon summer squash soup

Lemon summer squash soup is fast, delicious and a great addition to your soup repertoire!

potato waffle fries

I’ve never been more in love with an appliance in my entire life! What appliance, pray tell, am I referring to?  – my waffle maker, yes, my waffle maker! I’ve died and gone straight to waffle heaven! And why stop at potatoes – grilled cheese, quesadillas, brownies, omelettes, s’mores, cookies, pizza pockets and even mac & cheese! Grate, squeeze,…

chicken cooked whole in a crockpot

Hands down, the easiest way to cook a whole chicken. Lose the is-it-done-yet fear factor for good, cause this’ll be the moistest, fall off the bone, cooked to perfection chicken you’ll ever produce.

chocolate almond bacon bark

chocolate almond bacon bark feature

Chocolate bark is one of the simplest treats to put together and the most impressive. Melt high-quality chocolate and start sprinkling – toasted nuts, coconut flakes, dried fruits, bacon, candies – and it can be flavoured up any way you like. This is the next recipe to add to your “gifts from the kitchen” repertoire, whatever the occasion.

cake with olive oil, almonds & citrus

olive oil cake/feature

Olive oil is the new fat for a healthier cake! Trade the butter, lard or vegetable oil for olive and you’re on your way to transforming many a cake recipe – add a whack of citrus and almonds, and you’re halfway to Tuscany!

roasted red pepper purée

roasted red pepper puree

Red pepper purée is a rich man’s ketchup, minus the price tag. It could not be easier to make and can be used in dressings, dips, sauces, stews, soups – anywhere you want a flavour boost.